About Bette

Here I am launching my Collection of short stories in 2016.

The stories vary in  length from 200 words to 15,000 words. Now that is very unusual for a collection. Different but good!

This new book is called RIDING THE FATE TRAIN  and each story depicts an event that turns on how fate can sometimes intervene for the good and sometimes for the bad. Each story is loosely based on an event recorded either in person or from newspapers or news programs.  This story is then turned on its head and transformed into fiction, exacting an interesting and entertaining outcome for the reader. Some are comic, some are tragic, some a mixture of both.
This is how I like to write. I find something that most people can relate to and then tell the story in a different though sometimes confronting way.

My previous book, DAY AND KNIGHT, THE CASE OF MISSING THINGS, is a tongue in cheek mystery thriller. I was fascinated with learning about what happened at The Aquarius Festival held in Nimbin, Australia in 1973 and what happened after. This led me to write a story about the investigation of a woman who was conceived at the Festival and what happens when she wants to discover her birth father. This leads to crimes and murder and an unusual ending.

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