Monday, 29 August 2016

What a week! Without providing too much detail words in a description would include hospital, operation, fall, pain, embarrassment and damned inconvenience. Words that would explain the causes would include ageing, arthritis, lack of focus, stupidity and, well, I guess, Fate. (Read my latest book!) Current words, at the end of this week, would include, incredible nurses and doctors, amazing result, gradual improvement, great drugs, (prescription!), plenty of rest and finally, acceptance. So a better week must be coming up.

What it proves is that life is never predictable, no matter how it sometimes seems, when the word boring is frequently bought to mind. This unpredictability is part of what it is to be human and so thank goodness for that.

Now, once more, after almost a month of trying to get down to re writing a 10,000 word extract from a memoir I have been trying to write for ever, or so it seems, I can now sit in front of my trusty (hahah!) computer and type away. Whether good, or bad, or inappropriate words will ensue is still to be tested. But I will keep going until some other unpredictable event passes my way and interrupts the proceedings. So, on with the show.

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