Thursday, 15 September 2016


Yes, I am guilty. I confess. I have procrastinated for over five days about what to talk about next. But now I know. It is about procrastination, which could be said to be the enemy of progress. What would get done if everyone procrastinated for ever? Would the world still be waiting for the wheel to be invented? Or was the wheel discovered rather than invented? Nature has many examples of circular movements...However I digress. Procrastination would not have helped the first form of written communication being made and continued to be improved and broadened..Has this made for the best possible world? Has the rapid progress of the last century been for the good of all humankind? The answer will depend upon a personal point of view. I consider that procrastination can be foe or friend, And so it is in my case. I am champing at the bit to begin the next book in the Day and Knight series. I have the basic premis of the plot. I already have my two main characters, Holly Day and Lucy Knight. I know what mystery they will uncover and I  am desperate to start. Yet, I wait and wait. I procrastinate. For what? That beautiful incredulous spark of  creativity? Awe? A perfect plot layout? Days slip by into weeks and still I procrastinate which would seem to be my foe. And yet, experience tells me that if I do wait until it feels right, in both my head and my heart then the story will be a much better one for my readers to enjoy. So in this sense procrastination is my friend. Of course this waiting does not stop me from thinking about the story and my characters. It does not stop me jotting down ideas and scenarios. I am working towards the book and one day soon, I hope, the spark will drive me into the usual frenzy of writing when I am sufficiently excited to write the full story.

 What started this theme off was my procrastinating about what gift to buy a friend for her birthday. I almost grabbed a dozen different things that would have been 'alright' and yet I could not make that leap to the cash registrar. I procrastinated for days and days and then, one day, I happened to see in a shop window the perfect gift. Excited, I rushed in and bought it. She was thrilled. So glad I procrastinated!

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