Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Life and love and lies just about cover every aspect of the world at the moment. Listening to what a computer tells you is sometimes like listening to politicians or realestate agents or car sales people.,or, sometimes, people who insist they love you. The latter is especially tough when you are wisdom yet of how the world works, which is  is a double edged sword.. While innocence gives that wonderful state of ecstacy, the true joy of life , it also supplies pits into which it is easy to fall. A bit like the colour of this ink. I thought it would look wonderful yet now it is being typed I am not so sure. Do I delete and start over again? Or trust to  the readers liking it, or at least enjoying the difference? aWhin
Whihc brings d re checkingSo, I do what every wise person does and having experimented in colour I go back to what I know best, typing in black. This reminds me of the book I am still reading, The Game of Thrones, a brilliant title. I am as yet only on page 236 but already the games people play, the complexity, the loves and lies that are all a part of life, whether real or fictional,make me realise that humans never change. I am also looking forward to reading a book about the Tudors, from the point of view of the Princess Margaret. Married at thirteen what kind of life would she have had, what love and lies would she have lived through. iIWI shall no doubt find out. What I have yet to find out is exactly where my characters in my own new book are going. I have the basic story in my mind and where it should go but at the moment Holly Day, the protagonist, is not letting me take her anywhere! So I must chug away at writing bits and pieces each day until she lets me into what her plans are for the next book!  It is a cliche that characters take over but in this case she has not let me start...not properly...Maybe she sees that what I want for her is not true to her...lies in a way...or little fibs at matter that I love her...and the life I created for her in my last book in which she starred. Or am I a creative going a little crazy? Surely not!....Oh...a white van has just pulled up and men in white coats are coming this way! I will sign off....get rid of the evidence....Byeeee....

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