Saturday, 5 November 2016


The first confession is that I have quite enjoyed the week or so that I was  without access to the web while at the same time being frustrated by it. This is all a part of being human, contrary emotions playing against each other.So while  it was good to have more time to read and to think and to do physical research it was also frustrating in that I was wandering from one tech person to the next and back again to ascertain the cause of the breakdown.
The second confession is that I have only myself to blame. Ignorance of the complexity of the services coupled with naivity about how clever are certain IT companies caused my mind to wash over the simplest of reasons. A good lesson in poor observation, when I had always thought observation was a strong point in my make up.
Third confession is that I have not done enough writing during this process but my brain has been working overtime which has to be good for thoughts about characters and situations in any work. So I feel good about that.
What I feel even better about is that I have spent more time gazing at my surroundings and those awesome sunsets we get around now. Nature always puts things in perspective. Good for the mind, the body and the soul. Another lesson I must not forget.

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