Monday, 9 January 2017

Over the Rainbow

Is there really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Nice to think so. Like all dreams it is a myth that symbolises hope. As a writer I hope that other people will be interested in and entertained by what I write and publish, or in the case of stage plays that they enjoy seeing what I have written bought to life on stage. Artistic endeavours are generally meant for sharing. They are a way of other people seeing how other people live and think and feel and this only has to be a good thing.

I have just finished reading Raymond Carver's selection of short stories called "Please be quiet,please."  It is easy to understand why he is so well respected and while I admire his skill at creating the innermost thoughts and feelings of his characters and his insatiable interest in detail I did get somewhat irritated with each and every story having an open ending. It was as if the story is left dangling in the air. But then this says more of me than Carver I guess.

A book that is not at all ambiguous is the best seller GUT. It is a text book related like a story. Fascinating. I am only half way through but have already learned so much about the gut brain and the way it affects our health. And is has humour! Wonderful.

So I gaze at a rainbow and trust that my pot of gold is a collection of people who read my works and enjoy.

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