Sunday, 1 January 2017

The New Year Awaits

The Festive Season is almost over and with it 2016, a strange and in some ways dreadful year in many parts of the world. I am hoping for a much better year with peace and love reigning over the world rather than fer and terror, though this is hard to imagine with the current state of the world. Though I trust in human nature to do the needed changes. 
On a personal level I am trying to focus on what my New Year's Resolutions will be and how many, if any, I will keep. Promises, to self or to other people, are sometimes tough to keep and probably means they were too optimistic in the first place. In light of this I am going to choose ones where there is a better chance of them being kept! I will not be letting anyone down then.
Some thoughts so far: 
Choose carefully and read more of the writers whose writing I admire and stories I respect.
Try to get more of my own voice into my own stories/novels.
Make sure I write something absolutely every day.
Try to improve my marketing techniques via social media and other sources. (A tough nut to crack for many writers)
Do unto others as I would have them do unto me. (a great way of saying it)
Donate a little more time to practically helping those in the community who need it.(Find the time!)
And I expect there will be many more 'wishes' before January 1st. Wishing everyone happy planning and executing with your New Year Resolutions.

Great to receive a photo from a fan who lives in Germany! A nice way to end this year and indeed, this blog.

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